11 Simple Small Business Growth Hacking Strategies

Growth Hacking Strategies: Small Business Mistakes to Avoid

11 Simple Small Business Growth Hacking Strategies

Small business
growth hacking utilizes a system of digital and non-digital activities to drive in more users, consumers, and customers to increase your business ROI FAST. 

Is growth hacking a total nightmare to you, and a waste of time?

If you are looking at how to scale your business as a service provider, your growth hacking strategies will not be the same as those of a producer of tangible goods.

But before we dive into how to establish, build and grow a small business in record turnaround times, let us get some things out the way!

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Dear Entrepreneur, You Have Been Lied To

If you want to join the club of the titans of entrepreneurship, you will want to have a razor-sharp answer to the following three questions. That is:

  1. Is being an entrepreneur easy?
  2. Does money come overnight? 
  3. Is this all a lie?
  4. When you run into any form of hardship and struggle in growing your business today, do you see it as a sign you are going down the right path? 

If anyone sells you that simplicity of entrepreneurship is possible, beware!  

Probably they are trying to sell you something.

Malcolm X relays it better ...

 "Oh, and I say it again, you've been had. You've been took. You've been hoodwinked. Bamboozled. Led astray. Run amok!" .

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The Growth Model to Grow a Small Business 

Even if your small business is tiny, you can employ growth hacking strategies even on a very tight budget. A growth hacker cannot work alone. It is a process run by a team to run experiments with your market, social media, sales conversions, products (services), and strategies.

Small Business Growth Hacking Mistakes to Avoid

Do you know how you are currently performing?

Growth hacking is not to be confused with the traditional marketing of a business. Unconventional marketing to bring in more users to achieve “scale” FAST is the key strategy.

It is not a slow process that takes a lot of time.
If you comprehend the idea of growing your business the wrong way from the start, it will never pick up virality.

That is why it is closely associated with startups where there is no time to be stuck in a rut. Because risk is inevitable, you sharpen your problem-solving skills and capabilities with each mistake you make.

Web and mobile data analytics play an integral role. 

You must understand how to sort the sheer amount of consumer growth data. No one under the sun can tell you the precise tactic for building your business.

Master a comprehensive content strategy development for steady growth based upon strategies that work for you. See how.

Simple Growth Hacking Strategies

To get reeling results (faster):

  1. Listen to your heart.
  2. Do your homework. 
  3. Get buyers first. 
  4. Optimize your conversion rate.
  5. Be creative.
  6. Carry out qualitative research.
  7. Test out your ideas. 
  8. Make better decisions.
  9. Ask your tribe. Remain curious.
  10. Measure the effectiveness of your tactics.
  11. Drive growth.

For a secret to scale fast, dive in now.

Take Away

What mistakes have you made so far with your business?

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